Tigestim SA (Ticino Real Estate Management) has been active since 2001 and offers leased space to local or international companies intending to settle in the territory of the Ticino canton. More specifically, Tigestim SA specializes in:
◦ real estate administration
◦ property maintenance
◦ architectural design
◦ direction of construction
◦ general contractor
Also, thanks to privileged relationships with local investors, Tigestim SA is active in brokerage real estate as well as in the intermediation of financial loans in favor of companies located in its housing stock.
The steady growth of the business and the increasing number of local and international companies testify the success of the business model of Tigestim SA, which has become a reality in the economic development of the Ticino canton.


Tigestim SA aspires to be a leader in the Canton of Ticino in providing quality services covering the entire life cycle of a commercial property.


Tigestim SA has 30 employees and is registered in the official construction companies' list of the canton.
Among its employees can be counted:
- 2 registered architects registered OTIA
- 1 general contractor
- 2 business economists SUP