Property management

Acquisition of tenant companies, drafting lease agreements, management accounting and invoicing, preparing walkthrough checklists and, as well as the practices municipal neccessarie settlements are the main activities of this department.

Property maintenance

The renewal and adaptation spaces are an essential service for businesses in continuous development . Tigestim SA , with its own maintenance team is able to directly execute civil works , plumbing and interior finishes without the aid of external stakeholders in order to ensure timely service and in the most suitable to the client.

Architectural Design

Tigestim SA grows with its lessees , that when in need of new areas can take advantage of our qualified architects OTIA for the study of new spaces. Initially, preliminary studies are made with the customer with the aid of graphics renderings and a budget of massim . This is followed by the completion of the final draft , with the start of the procedure for obtaining building permits.

Direction construction

Once you have obtained building permits and have defined a contract , our department will start the DL site , producing regular reports and making sure the correct performance of the work under the terms of the agreed time and quality.

Construction company (General Contractor)

Tigestim SA is able to provide a project according to the " turn-key" in order to guarantee customers the ease of management having a single point of contact and having costs and times established in a single contract.

Real Estate Brokerage

The location is not the only legal form used to provide space to companies. Purchase options , rights of surface and partial sale in the PPP are also other methods used to better meet the needs of companies that challenge us.

Brokerage financial loans

The ability to obtain financing for renovations and improvements detailed spaces is often exploited by companies that prefer to concentrate its financial resources on their core business.